What is discoverpodcasts.com

Discoverpodcasts.com is a website that allows you to discover and read reviews on podcasts. Podcasts are grouped into categories, which are accessible by the tabs at the top of the screen. Podcast reviews are based on the listening of 5+ episodes. Factors that are considered include production quality, topic of conversation, entertainment value, educational value, frequency, flow of conversation, and overall quality of the podcast. 

Contact me: If you want to suggest a podcast for me to review, or contact me for any other reason, you can email me at suggestpodcast@gmail.com 


What is a podcast?- A podcast is a audio show similar to radio, that can be downloaded onto multimedia devices such as iPods. Podcasts can be created by anybody, and can range from 1 minute to 6 hours. 

Where can I get podcasts?- Podcasts are available on iTunes, ustream, YouTube, and other websites like Podcast Alley. 

How much do they cost?- Podcasts are usually free, although certain podcasts can cost a little bit, but usually no more than $2 per episode.

How are podcasts reviewed?- Each week I will listen to a single podcast thoroughly. I will take notes on it, form an opinion and write a blog. I will listen to as many episodes as I can within the week. 

What is my goal of making this website?- I am an avid podcast listener, and while searching the internet I realized there is no place where you can read reviews and discover new podcasts. Eventually, I want this website to be a large archive for podcasts, with in-depth reviews and extensive information.

What's so cool about podcasts?- Podcasts can be easily downloaded onto mobile devices, there is a wide variety of podcasts for pretty much anything. I prefer listening to podcasts rather than watching TV because there is few quality TV shows. Even History Channel and Discovery have started incorporating unnecessary drama into their shows. I can listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime I want. I enjoy listening to podcasts during car rides, boring classes and down time. Podcasts don't have to be cleared by a production company, which enables authenticity and creativity.